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      [Note: Generally, unless otherwise indicated, references on this page to "Irish" or "Ireland"
      are to the Republic of Ireland, rather than Northern Ireland. The reader is cautioned, however,
      to determine which body of law is addressed by the link referenced prior to relying upon it.]

General Links (a bit of both)
Legal Island
    Directory containing links to large numbers of solicitors and barristers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Access to numerous government and legal research databases and web sites. Search engine on-site.

Irish Law Site.

    Site offers information on Irish and Northern Irish law, legal systems, and government. Documents are partly on remote servers. Fully searchable index of all IrishLaw messages since Sept. 1994.

Government in Ireland.

    Touches upon government both above and below the line. Also an introduction to politics.

British & Irish Legal Education Technology Association.

    BILETA was formed in April 1986 with the primary objective of promoting technology in legal education throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

University Law Resources & Faculties.

Republic of Ireland

Constitution and Government of Ireland

    Summary of the Constitution, the executive and legislative branches of government and the electoral system.

Official Irish Government Website.

    A comprehensive set of links to information on the Irish government. Includes links to the President, the Prime Minister and Parliament, as well as links to all other government departments and offices. Also provides a search engine that accesses all government sites.

The Government of Ireland

    The site provides enough of an overview of the Irish government structure to carry one through a coffee conversation, but little more. The links provide more substance, however.

Home Page of the President of Ireland

    Function, history and biographies of office of president.

Department of The Taoisearch

    The organization, functions and history of the office of the "taoiseach", i.e., Prime Minister. The site includes a virtual tour of the parliament building and a guide to all the departments of the Irish government, together with contact information.

Feargal Quinn's Observations.

    Mr. Quinn's objective is to make it easier to follow the actions of Ireland's parliament. He is successful.

Department of Foreign Affairs

    Location of embassies, the how of obtaining passports & visas, and an explanation of what is required to qualify for Irish citizenship. It may be easier than you think.

The Office of the Attorney General.

    Excellent resource site. In addition to an in-depth review of the AG's duties and operations, offers all Irish statutes from 1922 to 1997 in a database accessible by search engine.

The Department of Justice - Divisions.

    Links to the main divisions within the Department of Justice.

The Courts Service

    Overview of the Irish court system, court offices, FAQs, court terms, rules and fees.

Government of Ireland - Departments, Agencies and Boards

    Substantial indexing of Irish government sites primarily addressing the department, agency and board level. Many assembled links that you will only find here.

The Internationalist - Government of Ireland

    A bridge between the government structure and the law implemented by it.

Institute of European Law

    Seeks to provide a centre for research on European Law; to develop the study of European law to promote greater understanding of European Law. Established by the University of Birmingham.

Law Library of Ireland

    An overview of the Irish Bar, the work that barristers do, how to qualify as a barrister, the structure of the Irish court system, technology available to the Bar and links to other relevant sites. Formally established in 1815 the Law Library provides, in addition to modern library and information services, the full range of support services essential to the barrister, from desk or office space and all ancillary facilities to insurance and continuing legal education.

Internet Law Library - Ireland.

    Originally from the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library. Modified and Hosted by The 'Lectric Law Library.

First Legal.

    Provides on-line legal service as well as tips and comment on law relating to business, wills/estates, personal injury and purchase/sale of real property, as well as family and elder law.

Kieron Wood's Pages.

    Articles, features and information on Irish legal matters. Informative briefing on Irish family and defamation law, with many interesting tidbits added.

Competition Online.

    The only business journal in the European Union specializing both in Anti-trust Law and also in the Regulation of Utilities. Includes 500 searchable decisions of the Competition Authority of Ireland.

Ireland Business and Economy

    Page from the Irish Embassy in Washington DC website which provides helpful information for anyone considering locating a business in Ireland.

Ask Ireland

    Irish government web page providing relevant information for anyone considering working or locating a business in or sourcing from Ireland.

Lawlink Ireland.

    A service which provides its subscribers with access to The Companies Office, The Land Registry, The Legal Diary, ITPA judgments and the CFI database which allows access to information about accounts, charges, directors, and so on.

Information Technology Law In Ireland.

    An introduction to the law which applies to technology, with emphasis upon recent developments in Irish law.

Immigration to Ireland, A suggested reading list.

    Excellent resource.

Irish Solicitors, Barristers and Advisors.

    The Law Society of Ireland publishes the "Law Directory" annually, which contains contact information for solicitors.

The Law Society of Ireland .

    Provides an overview of the work of the Law Society and of the legal profession in Ireland. Of particular help in explaining the breath and scope of the various categories of law (see "Practice" page).


    Join a special interest group e-mail mailing list which provides a continuous stream of daily comment by list members on Irish law. Archive page is also available.

Northern Ireland

Extracts from the Government of Ireland Act, 23 December 1920.

    From the ulster legal perspective, this is where it all began.

The Northern Ireland Executive.

    Role of the executive branch of government, government departments, daily news pertaining to events affecting Northern Ireland, economic, infrastructure and trade data.

Devolved Government - Northern Ireland Assembly.

    The Northern Ireland Assembly elected an Executive Committee that is in effect the equivalent of the British Cabinet. The Executive is made up of the First Minister, the Deputy First Minister, and the ten Ministers who head the Departments. The powers of the Executive were initially set out in the Good Friday Agreement. This helpful site helps you wind your way through the makeup of the executive side of government.

Northern Ireland Assembly.

    The Assembly is of recent origin having been established by the Northern Ireland Act 1998, in compliance with the Good Friday Agreement. The Assembly has full legislative and executive authority consistent with a parliamentary form of government.

Office of Public Sector Information.

    Confused as to the interplay between the UK Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly? This site may answer some of your questions.

Northern Ireland Office.

    The Northern Ireland Office answers to the Secretary of State who, in turn, is responsible for constitutional and security issues as they relate to Northern Ireland, in particular law and order, political affairs, policing and criminal justice.

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

    The stated aim of the Commission is to ensure that the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland are fully and firmly protected in law, policy and practice.

Northern Ireland Ombudsman.

    The role of the Ombudsman is to provide an independent, accessible, effective and free system for investigating complaints from people who claim to have suffered personal injustice through maladministration by government departments, agencies, public and local bodies and the Health and Personal Social Services.

The Bar Council and Bar Library Website

    Provides an excellent overview of the bar and the practise methods of the Northern Ireland barrister.

Northern Ireland firms of solicitors on the web .

    Provided by Delia Venables. Free listing is available to Northern Ireland solicitors upon request.

The Writ.

    The Writ is the monthly journal published by the Law Society of Northern Ireland. Site provides information about the Writ and matters addressed in it, including past issues.


    Excellent Irish search engine.

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