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    The World Fact Book - India.

The Library of Congress - Law on Line - India.

    The constitution together with links to the executive, legislative and judical branches of government.

India - Law and Government

    Extensive site compiled by Law Research encompassing virtually the entirety of the Indian governmental structure.

The Supreme Court of India - Official Site.

    An accumulation of information regarding the history, operations and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court of India (Wikipedia).

    Another excellent Wikipedia site.

Supreme Court Caselaw

    Subscription service. Supreme Court as the name suggests is a law portal providing judgments of the Supreme Court. The site is updated on a daily basis. Subscribers have the access to read and download full reports. Visitors are limited to the judgment subject index.

India Code Information System

    India Code Information System (INCODIS) provides access to all the statutes of India. Provides full text search together with other aids.

Ministry of Law, Justice & Company Affairs

                    Department of Legal Affairs

                      Department of Justice

                        Legislative Department

                          Law Commission of India

            The Prime Minister's Office

              An informative and enjoyable site describing the workings of the Prime Minister's office. India utilizes the parliamentary form of government and the Prime Minister oversees the day-to-day functioning of the Federal Government.

            Government of India - Directory of Official Web Sites

              Comprehensive directory providing links to web sites of Government of India Ministries, departments, states, organizations, Union Territories and more.

            Consulate General of India - San Francisco.

              A wealth of information including doing business in India, passports and visas, useful government links and numerous other India related links of interest.

            Securities & Exchange Board of India

              Well designed site which includes references to relevant legislation, disclosure requirements, investor assistance and information of interest to overseas investors. On-site search engine.

            Department of Company Affairs

              The primary function of The Department of Company Affairs is to administer the Companies Act, 1956 and The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1969.

            Board for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction

              The function of the Board is to identify problems resulting in company financial instability, particularly in those sectors involving commitment of public funds. The object is to detect deficiencies and to enforce appropriate preventative and remedial measures.

            Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority

              The stated purpose of the Authority is "[t]o protect the interests of the policyholders, to regulate, promote and ensure orderly growth of the insurance industry and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto." Unfortunately, many of the most promising links on the site are inoperable.

            National Human Rights Commission

              The National Human Rights Commission is an expression of India’s concern for the protection and promotion of human rights. It came into being in October 1993.

            Human Rights in India

              Discusses alleged human rights violations which are occurring in India, including imprisonment for political reasons, often without charges or trials; torture; extra-judicial executions or forced "disappearances" and unlawful activities of paramilitary groups.

            India Legal InfoLine.

              Provides direction to law related sites focusing on doing business in India. An overview of the business, taxation, insurance, investment, trade, and consumer laws of India.

            The Credit Rating Information Services of India, Ltd.

              Vast range of research & information on Indian business. Services offered by subscription or by report. Credit, industry & research reports, company profiles and economic history. A limited amount of information is available without charge.

            India Intellectual Property Law

              Links to a number of intellectual property related sites.

   - India

              Mishpat.Net network offers a legal information directory with 20,000 links to law related resources in more than 2,000 legal categories and The Cyberlaw Informer – a biweekly publication bringing readers world news about recent happenings in the field of law and Technology.


              Subscription CD-rom service. Provides a computerized law information database covering Supreme Court case-law on all topics with regular update service.

            India Banks' Association

              Banking industry trade organization. Influential organization which deals with, amongst other matters, bank related legal and professional concerns.


              Something akin to the Indian equivalent of Nolo Press. A little about a lot of things, but little depth or substance.

            Business Standard, Business Law Page

              Provides up-to-date business law news, as well as securities related information.

            The Indian Council of Arbitration

              The Council provides commercial arbitration and training facilities and renders conciliation and advisory services primarily to India's export trade. It also conducts research and publishes informative literature and a quarterly journal.


              United States and Canadian immigration law, as it relates to Indians planning a move.

            Venture Capital Funding in India

              Provides basic legal concepts relating to venture capital funding in India, including company, personal, consumer protection and custom law.


              Daily abridged Indian legal news from many news sources. Includes judgments of the Supreme Court and legal information from leading Indian newspapers.

            Hieros Gamos law firms.

              There are very few directories available listing Indian practitioners. Only two firms have links to this site and as to the remainder, you must make do with name, address, telephone/fax number and name of contact. No hint is provided as to the category(ies) of law practiced by the un linked lawyers.

            Legal Service India - Directory of Lawyers

              On-line directory of lawyers organized and grouped by city. Although more lawyers are included, even less information regarding the qualifications of the listed lawyers than that provided by Hieros Gamos.


              India's premier internet directory. Tip: Organize your search. For example, if seeking a lawyer, click first on "Business & Economy", next on "Companies" and finally on "Law".

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