South African Law Links

South African Law Links

South African Government On line.

    Extensive site providing, amongst other information, a wealth of useful information on the constitution and the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government.

Unwembi's list of South African Government Internet Sites.

    A truly magnificent index of the government's internet sites. This link and the link immediately preceding, provide what is in my opinion two of the best internet gateways to the workings of the government available on the internet.


    Provides up to date legislation, including amendments and regulations, in an intuitive, on line format relating to a number of categories of law. Created and maintained by Guarantee Trust.

Wits Law School - Recent Decisions and Information.

    Decisions and information on the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal, the Land Claims Court and the Labour Courts of South Africa.

South African Cyber Treaties Series.

    A comprehensive list of treaties South Africa has entered into. Links to the full text of treaties. Main focus is multilateral treaties.


    Subscription service providing access to All South African Law Reports, Butterworths Legal Directory, procedural timetables and prescription periods, judgments on-line and, amongst other materials, full text government publications.


    For the practitioner seriously interested in researching the South African law. Maintained by a subsidiary of Juta & Company, South Africa's foremost law publishers. Orientation is exclusively electronic, i.e., CD-ROM and the internet.

South Africa Index.

    On overview of significant South African events and law.

South African Constitutional Assembly.

    The product of South Africa's historic constitution-making process in which thousands of ordinary South Africans participated together with their elected representatives in writing the new constitution. Virtually all there is to know about the constitution, its formulation and content

South African Law Commission.

    The objects of the Commission are to research all branches of the law of the Republic and to make recommendations for development, improvement, modernization or reform.

The National Public Protector, or Ombudsman.

    The National Public Protector receives complaints from aggrieved persons against government agencies or officials and has the power to investigate, recommend corrective action and issue reports.

Doing Business in South Africa.

    Assistance for the uninitiated in educating oneself in government organization, forms of business organization, how to form a business, taxation, government regulation, intellectual property and much more. Typical Lex Africa quality.

The Development Bank of South Africa.

    The function of the Bank is: to invest in infrastructure and facilitate the provision of infrastructure development finance; finance sustainable development in partnership with the public and private sectors; respond to development demands and to act as a catalyst for investment.

The Independent Development Trust.

    The somewhat altruistic mission of the IDT, is to act with strategic partners to enable poor communities to access resources, and to recognize and unlock their own potential to improve the quality of their lives.

Trade and Investment - South Africa.

    South Africa's national trade and promotion agency.

Competition Commission of South Africa.

    The Commission is responsible for investigation, control and evaluation of prohibited practices, exemption applications and mergers & acquisitions.

Lex Africa.

    A law firm network for Africa. Includes numerous "doing business" guides and related business information.

Governments on the WWW - South Africa.

    Compiled by Gunnar Anzinger. Government links, A to Zed. .

Labour Net.

    Provides helpful and informative industrial relations resources for anyone contemplating establishment of a business in South Africa.

Marine and Shipping Law.

    Source of materials used in the practice and research of marine and shipping law.

The Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa.

    Specialist panels of arbitrators and mediators, drawn from a broad range of fields who undertake to adhere to the AFSA Code of Conduct. AFSA standard arbitration clauses, for inclusion in contracts, are available free of charge.

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

    The CCMA, a dispute resolution body established under the Labour Relations Act, is an independent body, does not belong to and is not controlled by any political party, trade union or business and is not controlled by the state, although the public funds it. It is assisted by grants, donations and bequests.

The Arbitration Forum

    A new entry into the alternative dispute resolution forum. Provides an alternative to expensive and time consuming litigation.

The Association of Arbitrators (South Africa).

    Formed in 1979, The Association Association currently has approximately 700 members from a wide range of professions.

Centre for Conflict Resolution.

    Founded in 1968, the Centre is an independent institute which seeks to contribute toward a just peace in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa by promoting constructive, creative and co-operative approaches to the resolution of conflict and the reduction of violence.

The Pretoria Bar Association.

    An up to date source of information about the Pretoria Bar, including a listing of its members.

Law Library of Congress - GUIDE TO LAW ONLINE: South Africa

    The constitution, and links to executive, legislative and judical branches of government. Many other related and useful links.

South African Legal Expertise Online.

    Listing of South African legal practitioners and law related sites. We suggest you make your own investigation as to whether their qualifications satisfy your needs. We are not in a position to endorse any.


    Articles by legal experts, attorney chat room, provides assisted legal research in all areas of the law and assistance in finding a specialist attorney or advocate.

    Excellent data base of South African law. Includes case law, legislation, employment law and considerably more. Try an introductory free month and make your own judgment.

De Rebus.

    The South African attorneys' abbreviated practice journal.


    Subscription service. Provides comprehensive coverage of worldwide journals, books and reports related to criminology and related disciplines. Emphasis upon South Africa.

Anzani directory/search engine's law specific directory.

    Provides considerable information by access to the law related categories. Scroll down one-half page.

University Law Resources & Faculties.

    The premier South African search engine. Click on the logo.

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