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New Zealand Legal Sites
    Start here in your research. A comprehensive and superbly orgainized compilation of legal web sites.

Pipers New Zealand Pages

    An extensive set of hyper-links which can cannect you with virtually every nook and cranny of New Zealand law.

An Overview of New Zealand Law.

    Margaret Greville, who authored the site, transfers some of her experience as a teacher of legal research skills from the classroom to the internet. Site consists of text, links and references to legal treatises.

The Law Commission.

    New Zealand's principal law reform agency reviews areas of the law that need updating, reforming or developing. Its recommendations to Parliament on these matters are published in its report series.

Legal Information Institute

    Excellent compilation of legal hyperlinks.

How to Law.

    Describes itself as New Zealand's self help legal site. From accidents to welfare, and almost all in between.

New Zealand Law Through the Internet.

    Introduces useful material publically available over the Internet to provide an overview of New Zealand law within the broader context of a "Commonwealth law" traditions. Discusses a possibly related tradition entitled "socio-legal experimentation

The Crown Law Office.

    Provides legal advice and representation to the New Zealand Government, its departments, ministries and agencies in matters affecting the Crown. This web site contains information about the Crown Law Office, its functions, history, organization and services.

Ministry of Justice.

    Home page of the New Zealand Ministry of Justice. Outlines the functions of the Ministry. Provides an interesting discussion of the Maori perspectives on justice, which differs substantially from statutory and common law.

Directory of Official Information (Ministry of Justice).

    Generates reports, paper publications, newsletters, media releases and pamphlets relating to the Ministry of Justice. To an extent, the public relations end of the operation.

    A site hosted by the Internet company New Zealand City Ltd. Provides information about crime in New Zealand including data on various categories of crime. Touches upon crimes of historic and current interest.
Courts of New Zealand.
    Information on the structure and function of the Department and the New Zealand court system, including the Maori Land Court and the Waitangi Tribunal. The latter justice systems have much to offer.
The District Courts of New Zealand.
    An overview of the operations of The District Courts in New Zealand, which are trial courts possessing civil and criminal jurisdiction.

Court of Appeal Decisions.

    A searchable full text database of selected Court of Appeal decisions from November 1995 to date. Made available on the Brooker's site. Search by name of parties, number of case, judgment date or key words.
New Zealand High Court.
    The High Court has jurisdiction over major crimes, civil claims involving more than $200,000 and maritime matters. Reviews governmental administrative actions. The High Court also hears appeals from tribunals and lower courts, including the District Court.

Environment Court.

    A court of record consisting of Environment Judges (who are also District Court Judges) and Environment Commissioners. Except for hearing enforcement proceedings that involve questions of law, sittings are usually presided over by one Environment Judge and two Environment Commissioners.
Military Courts (The Armed Forces Association of New Zealand).
    Provides an overview of New Zealand's military justice system, important military case law and related domestic and foreign links. An irritating pop-up window and automatic direction to a commercial directory accompany the site, which are difficult to exit. All in all, unless you have a particular interest in military law, probably not worth the effort.
Office of the Ombudsmen.
    It is the function and duty of the Ombudsmen to investigate complaints received from members of the public who feel they have been treated unfairly by some act, omission, decision or recommendation of a central or local government organization. Site explains how to implement a complaint.

Directory of Decisions.

    Ambitious attempt to list the courts, tribunals, statutory authorities, and other bodies in New Zealand which issue legal or quasi-legal decisions and reports. Gives information on indexes to decisions, law reports containing decisions, and instruction on how to obtain unreported decisions.

The GP Legislation Collection .

    Commendable site providing browsable access to all New Zealand Acts and Hansard. No charge.

Current Law.

    Butterworths Current Law is a biweekly subscription publication which notes decisions of all New Zealand Court of Appeal and important High Court cases. It also reviews important tribunal decisions, acts of Parliament, regulations, rules, bills before Parliament, significant articles noted in New Zealand, Australian and English periodicals, and important English and Australian cases. Not inexpensive, however.

New Zealand Government Online.

    NZGO is the Official Gateway to New Zealand Government. This web site provides an overview of New Zealand and its government, access to government services information, as well as government agency contact details. Search engine provided on-site.

New Zealand Parliamentary Homepage.

    The internet site for New Zealand's House of Representatives. Parliamentary agencies and executive government agencies with separate pages for prime minister, cabinet, parliamentary counsel and ministerial services.

The Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO).

    New Zealandís law drafting office. It is responsible foró drafting most New Zealand legislation.

Parliament of Australia Law Library.

    New Zealand Law. Emphasis upon legislation, court and tribunal decisions and law reports. Also links to key national bodies and other New Zealand sites.

Overview of Trade Mark Law in New Zealand.

    The New Zealand firm of Baldwin Son and Carey presents an outline of the costs which will be incurred at each turn of the road in the course of trade mark protection in New Zealand.

Overview of Patent Law in New Zealand.

    New Zealand patent law, from A to Z.

Copyright Licensing Limited.

    An enjoyable intellectual property site addressing copyright. Practicable comment on the copyright law, what can be copied, licensing schemes, and more.

E-Com legal guide: New Zealand.

    An analysis, by David Shannon, Baker & McKenzie, of the legal issues attendant to use of the Internet and other electronic communications technology for businesses.

New Zealand Computer Law.

    An effort to promote, educate and interact with the legal and business community on the importance, management and effects of information technology in the law.

Indigenous Peoples and the Law.

    An online institute of law affecting indigenous peoples. Allows retrieval of reports, treatises and news reports relating to indigenous legal issues, both domestic and foreign, and links to sites interested in indigenous matters.

Maori Legal Resources.

    Extensive listing of Maori related legal links. Maintained by the University of Waikato Law Library.

Maori Customary Legal Dictionary.

    Provides an understanding of meanings and concepts relating to Maori terms and phrases in customary legal and legal contexts.

The Maori Law Review.

    Covers decisions of the Maori Land Court and general courts, reports of the Waitangi Tribunal and publications of government and law schools.

New Zealand Local Government On-line.

    Addresses and web sites of local councils and authorities, as well as resource management information. Provides information of value to anyone considering pursuing commercial opportunities in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Bill of Rights.

    Government commitment to affirm, protect, and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in New Zealand and to affirm New Zealand's commitment to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Human Rights Commission.

    Explanation of the structure and function of the Commission. Full text of: the Human Rights Act 1993 and information on Consistency 2000; Tirohia newsletter and selected case notes from the Human Rights Commission and the Complaints Review Tribunal.

Inland Revenue.

    Includes: full text of IRD rulings; business tax information and tax bulletins; discussion documents; media releases; list of IRD publications and more.

Securities Commission.

    The New Zealand Securities Commission is a statutory corporation whose fundamental purpose is to facilitate capital investment in New Zealand, to encourage, promote and facilitate good securities and corporate practice and to discourage malpractice.
New Zealand Commerce Commission.
    The primary objective of the Commission is to assure compliance with the Commerce and Fair Trading Acts to encourage competition. Site provides information on the structure and function of the Commerce Commission, full text guides on business acquisitions, the Commerce Act 1986 and the Fair Trading Act 1986, decisions from 1 January 1997, the Commerce Commission's strategic plan and annual report, various other publications and media releases.
New Zealand Maritime Law.
    Provides readers with access to New Zealand case law and legislation relating to maritime law.

New Zealand Justice Sector Information Strategy.

    The stated purpose of the Justice Sector Committee is to ensure that relevant, timely and accurate information is available and accessible to authorized users to support the business needs of all agencies in the justice sector and their customers and to monitor the justice environment.

Employment Relations InfoLine.

    Contains up-to-date information on all the recent changes to New Zealand's employment legislation. May be of interest to anyone contemplating establishing a business in New Zealand, as well as present employees.
Rules of Professional Conduct for Solicitors and Barristers.
    Provides direction for New Zealand legal practitioners. Not exhaustive but rather a definition of the bounds within which a lawyer can practise the profession. Includes all amendments up to and including 1 July 2000.

The New Zealand Law Society.

    A New Zealand lawyer may be certified to act both as a barrister and solicitor or as a barrister only. If the lawyer elects to practise solely as a barrister, he or she is subject to specific rules adopted by the NZLS, which also adopts rules governing dually certified lawyers. Those rules are enforced by district law societies.


    Databases provided by Brookers. Part of The Knowledge Basket, which offers in excess of 3 million searchable records. Briefcase indexes post-1985 published New Zealand cases, and provides access to commentary notes or full reports, as well as consolidated New Zealand statutes and regulations databases. Multiple search options.


    Subscriber access to legal databases. Purchases can be limited to the amount of information required, when required, and Lawsite provides accounting information for client billing.


    Links to legal information web sites. Provides internet related legal research.


    Law related New Zealand sites provided by one of New Zealand's most complete web directories.

New Zealand Law Limited.

    An association of independent legal practices. Member firms are located in all major cities in New Zealand and provide the full range of legal services to business and private clients.

Locate a Lawyer.

    Search for a New Zealand lawyer by category with search engine assistance. If you do not have a name in mind, simply insert town and law category for a list to select from.
New Zealand Law Schools.
    The sites are interesting within themselves but, more importantly, their faculties provide an important source of expert consultation and testimony.

                 Centerbury University School of Law.

                 Ontago University School of Law.

                 Victoria University School of Law.

                 University of Waikato School of Law.

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