Carrow's Canadian Law Links

Canadian Law Links

Overview of Sources of Canadian Law on the Web.

    This excellent site by Louise Tsang contains extensive revisions to its earlier edition.

Duhaime's Canadian Legal Information Centre.

    Comprehensive overview of Canadian substantive law, including family, human rights, bankruptcy, criminal, contract and trust. Canadian court decisions and legislation and statistics of Canada's law societies.

Canadian Law Schools.

    A compilation of Canadian law school links, with United States links and a link to the University of Haifa thrown in for good measure.

Canadian Law Firms.

    A limited listing of lawyers, by location.

The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia.

    Computer and information technology law reference source. Needs work.


    Canada's largest legal database provider. Over 2,300 searchable databases and bulletin boards. Fee service.

Access To Justice Network.

    Links to a wide range of Canadian legislation, directories, publications, conferences, etc.

Concordia University Legal Information Services.

    Basic information regarding some of the legal and ethical issues surrounding computers, the internet, and research.

Researching the Law of Canada (University of Minnesota).

    Excellent primer for one seeking direction for research of the Canadian law. Overview.

Consolidated Statutes and Regulations.

    Well organized assembly of links to Constitutional and statutory materials including information on the Criminal Code and the Income Tax Act.

CLE Legal Links.

    Compilation of legal resources covering virtually every aspect of the law maintained by The Continuing Legal Education Society ofBritish Columbia. Easily accessed. 555 links as of 21 July 2000. Fine site.


    The Canadian version of the creme de la creme.


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