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Robert D. Carrow, is a uniquely qualified lawyer, admitted to practice before the bar in the United States and as a barrister in England and Wales. Prior to his call to the British bar in 1981, Mr. Carrow was, and remains, a well recognized and respected California litigator. He divides his practice between San Francisco, California, where he maintains offices as an attorney, and London, where he practices from chambers as a barrister.

Mr. Carrow practiced law in the United States for over twenty years prior to his being called to the English bar. In addition to providing consultant servicers and expert witness testimony for professional colleagues on legal issues involving English and Welsh law, Mr. Carrow's practice emphasizes litigation and alternative dispute resolution of business related claims and disputes. Of particular concern are business, commercial, construction and other business related civil matters. Mr. Carrow also attends to white collar crime defense, extradition proceedings and substantial personal injury claims.

Mr. Carrow, based on his prior experience and professional recommendations, was allowed to take the examinations necessary for qualification as a barrister without further formal education, either at university or at the Inns of Court Law School. He passed all the required examinations and was called to the bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 1981.

Mr. Carrow has, for a number of years served as a judge pro tempore of the California Superior Court and, in that capacity, has presided over more than twenty-five trials. The Superior Court is the equivalent of the English High Court, i.e., the highest trial court in California.

Mr. Carrow has served as a consultant to the litigation and criminal law sections of the State Bar of California and was a program speaker at the 1995 State Bar of California annual convention.

Mr. Carrow is one of very few dually qualified and dually practising English barristers and United States lawyers. His areas of emphasis are litigation and arbitration of business, commercial, construction, business related civil claims and disputes, defense of white collar crime charges and extradition proceedings and substantial personal injury.

Recognizing the ever expanding cost of litigation, Mr. Carrow has been increasingly active in the Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") process. His ADR involvements include negotiation, mediation advocacy and facilitation and arbitration, acting both as advocate and arbitrator.

Mr. Carrow offers his consultative services directly to clients to the extent allowed by the bar rules and expert witness testimony to European professional colleagues on both United States and English law. Further biographical information relating to Mr. Carrow and his qualifications is available inter alia, on his web site, in Who's Who in American Law and in Who's Who in the World.

Questions directed to Mr. Carrow's qualifications may be addressed to him by e-mail, regular mail, telephone or personal interview. References, a listing of representative clients who have allowed use of their names, and the identity of certain of the more interesting white collar crime and extradition related matters with which Mr. Carrow has been involved are available upon request.

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